Introducing the Cakki Cotton Rope Leashes

Introducing the Cakki Cotton Rope Leashes

Most of the leashes you’ll find in your local pet stores would probably be made of nylon or synthetic. These kind of products can sometimes be uncomfortable or even cause injury to our furry friends. However, there is a better option for you and your dog — Cotton Rope Leashes! 

Introducing our very own, Cakki Cotton Rope Leashes. Our leashes are made of 100% marine-grade twisted cotton rope which makes them more comfortable for your pets. Cotton is weatherproof, hypoallergenic, long-lasting, and able to control moisture. It will not feel tight or rough against your dog’s skin, irritate it or cause any fur tangles. Unlike other cheaper nylon leashes, the high quality material makes the leashes very tough hence cost effective. It is hand-spliced to withstand hundreds of pounds of pull with whipped ends for additional durability. They are designed to prevent the chance of any neck injury when your dog begins to pull or need to be moved out of a dangerous situation. They are also soft enough to prevent friction burns on your hands, providing a very strong grip, making them very suitable for all kinds of dogs. Since cotton is a natural product, our leashes are sustainable and eco-friendly. Let’s not forget, our Cakki Cotton Rope Leashes, are available in different colours and styles which is just an additional perk for your modern and stylish pups.

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I love dogs, they are so cute, lovable, and protective. I am so glad you made this

Kate palomillo

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