They Started It All

We are a trio of pups that got fed up with the same ol’ same ol’ boring outfits that our human, kept dressing us. Upon praying to the old Gods and the new of the doggy universe, our dilemma got solved when our mum finally understood our ‘awooos’.

“We are stylish dogs in need of a modern lifestyle. We need nice things too, mum.”

Find us at @bubblesthecorgie on instagram!

Our Brand

It’s all about our love for pets. We are a small business dedicated in giving your furry friends the comfortable yet stylish goods they truly deserve. Attention to detail and quality is something we take great pride in to bring our customers a product that they will absolutely love. At Cakki, we believe that the best way to elevate your pup is to make sure their clothes match their personality. And we're not just talking about the colors-- we're talking about how it feels on your pet's skin, too.

Proudly Handmade

We strive to elevate and set the trends for all modern pups making sure our styles are matched with functionality. Our fabrics are carefully sourced & sometimes designed by our founder herself. We work with the best to ensure that every item meets premium standards. To stay true to our brand ethos we are committed to small batch productions, limited product runs & high-quality material.